Our Mission

SoMWA (pronounced someway) is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit organization that support thousands of siblings cope with their mothers living with HIV or living with the loss of their mother. SoMWA goal is to assure the mother that her children are supported by the community and not vulnerable to becoming AIDS orphans. SoMWA is a resource for education, scholarships, youth development, financial support, psychological and emotional support for children and families both domestic and internationally. SoMWA ensures families and children have a surplus of community support and memories of joy to last a lifetime. SoMWA gives children the resources they need to become mentally stronger and creates family events for them to enjoy together. SoMWA collaborated with other community outreach programs and foster care agencies to provide children and families with support for the challenges at home.

Our Story

The SoMWA Foundation CEO is Shacazia Brown whom mission is to help families whom are affected by HIV/AIDS. Shacazia Brown personal experience when her mother Wanda E. Buggs died from an AIDS-related illness began the development journey of The SoMWA Foundation (Survivors of Mothers with AIDS – pronounced someway). Shacazia brown (23 years old) immediately became her siblings’ guardian as they began their journey of coping their mother’s passing from an AIDS-related illness. Through her life experience she emerged and created SoMWA in 2008 to assist children and families whom mothers are living with HIV/AIDS.